SA Home Loans

SA Home Loans is a dedicated mortgage finance provider and committed to be the best home loan provider in the country. Because their sole purpose is directed to home ownership, they are able to handle the full cycle of the home ownership process which is from origination and credit approval through to registration and continued loan servicing.

Launched in 1999, SA Home Loans has to-date grown to be the country’s fifth largest home loans provider. They have continued to provide an original approach to home finance through running an innovative and energetic business model. This is achieved by servicing beyond the norm which means the mortgage loan clients are treated as partners. Transparency and care has also contributed to this achievement because a home loan is not a hidden and locked in asset.

home-loansWith many years of experience in the industry, SA home loans happens to be the first institution to offer interest only loans, cash back options as well as full-term fixed rate loans. SA home loans also offers the equity access products which is basically the cheapest form of debt financing which allows clients to get access to cash from a home loan either through a quick cash or a further loan. SA home loans also offers risk management products which protects the family and their biggest assets. They can also offer protection against interest rate hikes.

SA home loans is unique because they have adopted a non-bank approach to doing business because they link clients directly to money markets and pass on the savings. They are also not mortgage originators because they provide a home loan directly. They are also risk free and innovative mortgage specialists.

By associating with SA home loans, clients are assured of their individual needs being met, they will receive excellent service and their home loan gives them maximum utility and meeting their lifestyle.

SA home loans can be contacted on 0860 2468 10.