Atlas Finance Loans

Atlas Finance provides unsecured loans of up to R8000 and there is a provision for a top up loan should unforeseen urgent matters arise. The repayment period for this loan is 6 months. Clients who take out loans of up to R3000 or more over 4 to 6 months also take R99 as a gift from Atlas Finance.

Atlas Finance has also broadened its services by offering the Nakekela Family Plan. This plan covers families in cases of bereavement in the family. Under the Nakekela plan is the silver, gold and platinum plans.

The silver plan is provided for R72 monthly payment and covers up to R10,000. The gold plan comes with a R107 monthly payment and covers up to R20,000. The platinum plan costs R139 and covers up to R25,000.

There is also the Nakekela hospital plan which takes care of family needs if you are hospitalized for 4 or more days. The Nakekela plan also comes in silver, gold and platinum.
Clients can apply for the Atlas credit facilities by filing in a quick online application form or calling 0800 204 679.